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Posted on Apr 7, 2014

NC State’s Centennial Campus: 30 Years in the Making

NC State’s Centennial Campus: 30 Years in the Making

… Now Moving Forward

  • 4 million square feet of developed space
  • $1 billion in building and infrastructure investment
  • More than 60 companies, governmental agencies and nonprofits
  • More than 11,000 people on campus during the academic year

The only research campus in North America combining academic programs, corporate, governmental and nonprofit partners, first-rate amenities, and residential communities — all in one location.

Vision 2034: NC State’s Innovation Destination

NC State’s Centennial Campus has long enjoyed an enviable record of progress and success. But now is not the time to rest on our laurels. To continue to be a trailblazer, Centennial leaders are crafting and implementing Vision 2034 — an exciting, breakthrough plan to re-invent the modern research campus. JOIN us in our vision for turn Centennial Campus into North America’s premier INNOVATION DESTINATION.

Town Center courtyard

Visitors relax in a Town Center courtyard.

A Proving Ground

Testing on Centennial Campus will range from human-powered health monitors to the latest wireless technology.

Researcher with nantechnology equipment

Researchers unravel the secrets of nanotechnology.

Advanced Transportation Technologies

Centennial Campus not only will be a hotbed of advanced transportation technology innovation, but also those technologies will be put into action by connecting NC State campuses.

People Monorail

A futuristic concept among many being considered.

Bold Collaborative Spaces & Places

Nothing fosters innovation more than multidisciplinary, multifunctional office, lab and classroom space.

MIT Media Lab-type building

An MIT Media Lab-type building inspires innovation. Photo courtesy MIT.

Globally Connected

Centennial Campus will reach out globally in ways not yet imagined or invented, including research partners remotely accessing equipment and labs.

Lab assistant work with Centennial’s electron microscope.

Lab assistants work with Centennial’s electron microscope.

Breakthrough Creative Collisions

Going forward, Centennial Campus will combine the best of both worlds — the creative and the logical — as we identify new opportunities for public art, large-scale events and teachable moments.

Art by Janet Echelman

Art by Janet Echelman could light up the grounds on Centennial. Photo Art by Janet Echelman, photo by Valentin Berechet

Scholars Walk

Centennial will recognize scientific and technical breakthroughs, and the people that made them possible.

Visitors will discover NC State achievements.

Visitors will discover NC State achievements.

Research in the Grasses, Greens and Weeds

Centennial Campus provides a wealth of opportunities to study natural habitats. The Lonnie Poole Golf Course offers NC State students and researchers opportunities to study environmentally friendly turfgrass management techniques.

The Lonnie Poole Gold Course and skyline of Raleigh

The Lonnie Poole Golf Course is the perfect backdrop for a view of downtown Raleigh.

The N.C. Wildlife Commission brings K-12 students to Lake Raleigh and surrounding forests to discover biodiversity and wildlife management. Even the stream running through Centennial has provided a living laboratory to demonstrate and evaluate modern restoration techniques.


Elementary students learn about stream life on Centennial Campus.

For more information or to make an appointment, contact the Centennial Campus Partnership Office at 919-515-7036. •