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APA Honors Hess for Work on Aging

Distinguished Professor of psychology Thomas HessNC State psychology professor Tom Hess has received the American Psychological Association’s most prestigious award for research on adult development and aging.

The Baltes Distinguished Research Achievement Award, sponsored by the Margret and Paul B. Baltes Foundation, recognizes researchers with distinguished careers of exceptional theoretical and empirical contributions to the psychological science of aging.

Hess has received more than $7 million in external research funding for his work, including a recent $1.84 million grant from the National Institutes of Health. Under the five-year grant, Hess and a team of researchers will study  how both older and younger adults in Wake County respond to effortful cognitive activity and what factors may influence participation in activities that may be beneficial to cognitive health in later life.

Hess serves as the principal investigator of the Adult Development Laboratory, which conducts a variety of studies focused on understanding cognitive functioning throughout the adult lifespan.

This article was originally published by NC State News.