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Our mission

To catalyze collaboration between academia, industry and government to solve global problems facing modern communities. Harnessing NC State’s unique strengths to partner with municipalities, industry, nonprofits and other universities, we seek to advance applications and research while improving the human experience.

What is a Smart City?

A Smart City creates solutions to global problems facing modern communities by collecting, monitoring and analyzing incredible amounts of data to make smarter decisions.

Ultimately, a Smart City increases access to information, enabling and engaging all citizens to make smarter decisions to improve the human experience.

NC State’s Unique Strengths

NC State is a national leader in industry-sponsored research, ranking in the top three among public universities without a medical school. With particular strengths in data analytics, advanced wireless, clean energy, wearables, advanced transportation, cybersecurity, advanced manufacturing and storage, NC State is uniquely positioned to solve the technological challenges facing modern cities and communities. Here are some examples:


Triangle Smart Cities Summit – June 6, 2017

This event will bring together local city, industry and academic leaders for engaged discussion and to share ideas to help make our region a smarter and more connected community. Mayors, industry and academic executives, and national leaders in the smart cities movement will be invited to talk about the biggest challenges they face and their current efforts and vision towards making the Triangle a smart region.

Quarterly Smart City Roundtables

These events allow faculty and researchers at NCSU engaged in (or with an interest in) Smart Cities to join together in a collaborative, interdisciplinary, open forum to discuss strengths, projects, and funding opportunities, both current and future.

In late Spring, we will be hosting a Centennial Campus Partner version of the Smart City Roundtable. The event will be open to all Centennial Campus companies with an interest in Smart Cities. More details to come.


Highlighted Projects

City of Raleigh and NC State University Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Established in September, 2016, this agreement formalizes a commitment to explore opportunities for engagement, partnership and collaboration related to Smart Cities initiatives.

Data Sciences Initiative (DSI) and Open Raleigh Projects

DSI is engaging with the City of Raleigh to use data to help tackle inherent city problems. NC State faculty submitted 10 projects, 3 were selected by the City for the first round. First round projects:

  • Pavement Condition Assessment and Prioritization of Road Maintenance (Kevin Han)
  • IOT Climate Control System for Office Buildings (Vikram Patil)
  • Societal and Infrastructural Responses to Increases in Extreme Precipitation (Helena Mitasova)

Next Generation Planning Using 3D City Models

The Center for Geospatial Analytics is working with the City of Raleigh and a private vendor collaborator (ESRI) to collaboratively develop technology to support 3D city model development and maintenance and its applications for city planning. Currently funded by a Next Century Cities grant.


A new and revolutionary way to think about transportation in urban and suburban environments. EcoPRT has all the advantages of a normal PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) system and adds weight and cost reductions resulting in space and monetary savings. Developed by two NC State College of Engineering faculty.


For more information on Smart Cities @ NC State University please contact us and we’ll help you find the right ways to engage and connect:

Dennis KekasDennis Kekas
Associate Vice Chancellor
Office of Partnerships and Economic Development

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Director, Strategic Projects
Office of Partnerships and Economic Development

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Director of Programs
Laboratory for Analytic Sciences

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Program Manager
Data Science Initiative