Annual Conflict of Interest (COI) Disclosure – Update and submit your COI starting August 16, 2012

PHS / NIH Financial Conflicts of Interest Disclosure Requirements Update — New Information

Annually, all Faculty and EPA professionals, along with all graduate assistants and SPA employees paid from ledger 5 funds, must file a conflict of interest disclosure form with the University. The form will ask you certain questions that will guide you in determining what, if anything, you should disclose as required by federal and state law, and NC State University administrative regulations.

All covered employees need to complete the disclosure form every academic year (starting August 16).

RADAR URL Has Changed

As part of the SPARCS website redesign, the RADAR URL has changed. The new URL is: The authentication system will change, which may remove the need to re-authenticate when you want to bring up documents (it depends on how long it has been since you have logged in). On the other side, you will occasionally need to re-authenticate since the WRAP 10-hour authentication will not be available. Please call the helpline at 5-4267 if you have any problems.