Subaward Templates + Terms and Conditions

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Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP)
This page includes: Subaward Agreement Forms, Cost Reimbursement Templates, Fixed Price Templates, Subaward Agreement with International Collaborators, and Subcontract Agreement Sample for Use Under Prime Contracts.
UNC System Wide Sponsored Program Master Agreements
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Master Agreements Within the UNC System

UNC Master Agreements with Duke University
UNC Master Agreements with RTI, International
Instructions: Click on Master Agreements to access various UNC system wide agreements.
NCSU Subagreement Template Approved 08/201008/2010
NCSU Cost Reimbursement Subaward Terms 08/201008/2010
NCSU Fixed Price Subaward Terms 08/2010 08/2010
NCSU Subagreement Template Approved 04/200504/2005
NCSU Cost Reimbursement Subaward Terms 04/200504/2005
NCSU Fixed Price Subaward Terms 04/200504/2005

Subaward Request and Other Information

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Subrecipient vs. Contractor Checklist10/2016
Factors in Making Subrecipient vs. Contractor DeterminationRevised 03/2017
Difference between Subrecipients and Contractors 
FDP Letter of Intent (LOI)10/2016
Subaward Action Request Form07/2014
NC Debarred Vendors List - Check This List First Current

Subaward Process

Reminder of Steps to New Process
(See PDF Presentation at the top of this page for details)

1.At the Proposal Stage, identify the need for a collaborator
2.Request collaborator proposal package to review
3.Determine if collaborator is a subrecipient or contractor by completing the FDP Checklist. Upload a signed copy in PINS with subrecipient proposal package.
4.If the collaborator is a subrecipient, ensure you have a complete subrecipient proposal package to upload into PINS.
The Subrecipient Proposal Package must include:
- Signed LOI
- SOW detailing work subrecipient
- Itemized budget and justification
- Federally negotiated IDC Rate Agreement (can be accessed at if they are an FDP Expanded Clearninghouse member)
- CV for Key personnel
5.Add each subrecipient named in the proposal to PINS under the "Sponsors/Subs/Deadlines" tab.
- If subrecipient is not available in the table, click on "Add New Subrecipient"
6.Upload Subrecipient Proposal Package with Subrecipient Checklist into PINS.
7.Remember to review the new Subrecipient COI language in the PINS approval tab and the updates Subrecipient approvals in the Representations and Certifications.
8.Once the proposal is imported into RADAR, a subrecipient questionnaire is sent to the subrecipient if required.
1.Once award/account set up is complete, a PMR subaward request can be initiated
2.Make sure you have agency approval to issue a subaward
3.Make sure you have funds in Prime Subcontract line to issue the subaward
4.If the Subrecipient Proposal Package in PINS/RADAR is current, you do not need to upload again into the PMR System. If SOW or budget has been revised since it was uploaded into PINS/RADAR, upload revised SOW/budget justification in PMR System.
5.The Subaward Action Request Form is no longer required.
6.If the project involves human subjects or animals, upload subrecipient's IRB/IACUC approval
7.Approve PMR and send for secondary review (CRO)
8.Be mindful when requesting a rush! It must include a justification explaining the reasoning for the rush.
Valid subaward rushes include:
- Impending agency imposed deadline
- Risk of loss of funding
- Risk of loss of award
- Risk of audit finding

**Every rush request stops the process and delays PMRs that were requested in a timely manner. Requests will be reviewed and you will be notified when an invalid rush request is received and is then moved to the back of the line. (1st in/1st out)
9.PMR to SPARCS for processing
10.A risk assessment is completed on all new subawards.
11.Upon completion of the risk assessment, the subaward is assigned for issuance.
12.Subaward is issued, negotiated, and awarded.
13.Subaward is sent to C&G for account set up.
14.Subaward Modifications follow similar Post-Award steps -- a PMR is completed for Subaward Modification.