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Subaward Request and Other Information

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Subaward Terms and Conditions

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How to Request and Process a Subagreement

PREThe proper establishment of a meaningful subcontract begins before you even submit a proposal.Well before you submit your proposalPrincipal Investigator
PRECheck to make certain your subrecipient is not on the NC Suspension List Well before you submit your porposal AND once you are ready to issue a subaward PI in consultation with the college office and SPARCS
PRECheck to make certain your subrecipient is not a denied entity or your subrecipient's PI is not a denied person pursuant to federal debarment standards or Export Controls Prior to issuing subaward PI in consultation with the college office and SPARCS
1Determine if Subaward was included in proposal, includes a budget and statement of work and is allowed under the terms of the award.Upon decision to issue subawardPI in consultation with college office
2Prepare the NCSU Subaward Request Form. Make sure the form is complete and accurate. Write in any comments that will be helpful to SPARCS in preparing the subcontract such as the subcontract is to be incrementally funded.After a prime agreement is received an an account number established.PI in consultation with the departmental book keeper, contract manager or college office
3Ensure the request form is complete, accurate and that a budget and statement of work are attached and send to the college officeOnce request is received in college officeCollege office
4Process a PMR, and upload the subaward request form along with the subcontractor budget and subcontractor statement of work.After college review is complete and request is satisfacotry. Note, a common error is for PI's and College Offices to forward an integrated statement of work that does not delineate the responsibilities of the subcontractor from those of NC State. It is imperative that the subcontractor's statement of work and budget are segrated and stand alone before sending the request to SPARCS.College or Departmental office
5.aReview request to determine sufficient resources in the subcontract account line.Within 4 business days of receipt in C&GC&G Fiscal Manager
5.bReview request for accuracy and compare to prime agreement to determine if legal authority to issue subcontract existsUpon receipt of request by cognizant SPARCS teamSPARCS Official
6Request supplemental or clarifying information from college office if necessaryIf and only if the SPARCS review of the request finds missing or insufficient informationSPARCS Official; college office responds
7Prepare and send to the subcontractor the standardized subagreement cover sheetOnce request is complete and satisfactorySPARCS Official
8Respond to subcontractor's concerns or negotiating items and reach satisfactory solutionOnce subcontractor has reviewed and contacts SPARCS to negotiate the terms of the subcontractSPARCS Official
9SPARCS processes the fully executed subcontract distributing as follows: C&G (original), SPARCS (original), College Office (copy), PI (copy). Contracts and Grants will set up subsidiary ledger 5 accounts if multiple subcontracts are issued on one prime agreementUpon receipt of fully executed subcontract document from the subcontractorSPARCS and Contracts and Grants fiscal manager
10Modifications to existing subcontracts largely follow the same steps outlined in 2 through 9 above modified to account for a modification versus a new subcontract. The request form is designed to work for both new requests and modification requests.. Note, that some changes in subcontracts require changes to the prime agreement first. For example, a no-cost extension to a subcontract beyond the end date of the prime agreement can not be executed until the prime agreement is extended. As such, it may be necessary to process a Project Modification Request concurrent with your request for a subcontract modificationWhen you need to extend the project period or make other program or contractual changes and only after the prime sponsor has approvedPrincipal Investigator and College Office