Conferences and workshops should be budgeted using extraordinary care. Certain State of North Carolina Budget rules apply. Visit the NC Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM) to find additional information including the current budget manual which provides a detailed description of applicable rules.

Specific Guidelines Include:

  1. Meal costs should be reasonable and defensible. A good rule of thumb is to apply State per-diem rates (not mandatory).
  2. University cannot use funds to pay for conference meals for state employees at which a conference fee was not charged unless the following conditions are met:
    • Federal grants, other grants, state or institutional trust funds (per G.S. 116-36.1) may be used if the conditions attached to those funds allow for the provision of meals for a conference, and
    • University must have documentation of the conditions.

Note: State employees may not request reimbursement for the meal.

Requirements and Limitations for External Conferences:

State Budget Manual: 5.8.3 Requirements and Limitations for External Conferences

If, after reviewing the guidance materials, you have specific questions on this topic, please contact Contracts & Grants at 5-2153.

For specific guidance on this matter call SPARCS at 515.2444 or email