Travel Expenses

Always provide justification of travel expenses. Sponsors often ask for expense details when they perform proposal cost analysis. Keep in mind that a lump sum figure with no destinations and/or detail may hold up the award process. Please review the Budget Justification for more information.


Mileage and other travel reimbursement rates are published as 3D Memos issued by the  University Controller’s Office.  For budgeting purposes, rates should be verified by searching NC State’s website for 3D Memos. This should produce a direct link to the 3D Memos issued by the Controller’s Office.  The current reimbursement rates will always be available on that site.

Motor Vehicle Rental

Reimbursement for Rental of Motor Vehicles will be budgeted under Travel if paid as part of a travel reimbursement with gasoline. However, rental of motor vehicles will be charged under fixed charges if paid separately from gasoline.

Per Diem


Conference Registration

Conference Registration fees must be in direct support of a project, such as presenting a project’s results or gathering information in furtherance of a project’s outcome(s).  All costs associated with the conference must be verifiable.  The registration receipt and conference itinerary (detailing events and meals served) must be submitted to NC State.  Travel and lodging to and from the conference must be supported with receipts as well.  Per diem, unless otherwise noted, will be reimbursed at State rates.

Foreign Travel

Foreign Travel on Federal Awards: Federal regulations govern the use of federal funds (grants, contracts, cooperative agreements) and the selection of air carriers for foreign travel. Foreign flag air carriers may not be used solely on the basis of costs.

Other helpful information can be found at the University’s Travel Center or the Travel Requirements for University Employees webpage.

For specific guidance on this matter call SPARCS at 515.2444 or email