Graduate tuition is an allowable cost under Uniform Guidance (see §200.466 Scholarships and student aid costs). It is essential to review a Sponsor’s solicitation in order to determine if there are any limitations regarding graduate tuition. Graduate student fees may be allowable if expressly permitted by the sponsoring program, such as federal fellowship awards. (Please see 7/22/2019 memo on student fees).  Both costs should be budgeted in the “Other Direct Costs” category. Tuition and fees are excluded from the University’s modified total direct cost (MTDC) base for determining facilities and administrative (F&A) costs, and do not generate F&A.  Tuition and fees are charged on a per-semester basis, so budget two semesters for a full year of student support.

In-state tuition should be budgeted in all proposals where there is an in-state, graduate research assistant budgeted. In-state tuition costs and a partial non-resident graduate tuition remission match (GTRM) must be included in all proposals containing an out-of-state graduate research assistant. The GTRM is calculated as 25% of the difference between out-of-state and in-state tuition. Without the GTRM the sponsor would have to pay the student’s entire out-of-state tuition amount. If it is not known whether the student will be an in-state or out-of-state student, then the conservative approach is to budget for an out-of-state student. The University will not seek reimbursement for the difference between out-of-state tuition and in-state tuition nor the GTRM if the student selected is an in-state student.

Current tuition rates and projected tuition rates for the next academic semester may be found on the Cashier’s Office website. Tuition rates and any increase in the cost of tuition are first set by the UNC Board of Governors and then approved by formal passage of an appropriate bill in the North Carolina General Assembly. The inflation factor recommended for tuition and fees is currently 10% each new project year.

GRADUATE STUDENT SUPPORT PLAN: The Graduate Student Support Plan (GSSP) is a highly competitive support package developed by the NC State Graduate School as a way to attract high caliber students to NC State University. Under the GSSP, graduate students supported on a teaching, research assistantship, or a fellowship (both internally and externally sponsored) earning at least $666.67 per month and meeting the minimum registration requirements receive (at no additional cost to the student) health insurance and tuition (for a limited number of semesters). GSSP tuition benefits are available for the spring and fall semesters only. Summer session(s) tuition is not covered. Additional information regarding the GSSP may be found on the Graduate School website. To determine the amount of salary needed for an international applicant on the GSSP, please go to the Graduate School’s Certificate of Financial Responsibility (CFR) Calculator.

Graduate School memos  regarding the GTRM, Graduate Student Support Plan (GSSP) eligibility and GSSP time limits are provided for additional reference.

For specific guidance on this matter call SPARCS at 515.2444 or email