Research and Exploration

Hypothesis driven exploration for knowledge in either basic or applied fields of study should use terms found in the Standard Projects Agreement. University grants sponsor full right to negotiate a license to intellectual property developed in the course of project discovery:

Public and Corporate Services

Delivery of public services or development activities designed to apply the institution’s know-how, expertise and capacity to constituent needs. This model does not anticipate any new intellectual property and is generally useful for service work:

Testing, Diagnostic and Clinical Services

Clinical, diagnostic or routine but specialized testing work based on a sponsor-driven protocol. These arrangements are most appropriate in established service centers of the institution that provide specialized testing services for a fee. University does not own or control any of the protocol-specific results.:

Other Models

There are many other agreement types, including Master Agreements that simplify the granting/contracting process for multiple anticipated projects, cooperative agreements for collaborative arrangements, specialized agreements for Student Academic Design coursework, etc. All template agreements are available at:

Contact Information

All agreements must be completed by SPARCS personnel. If you would like to initiate a project, please contact: