Effective August 15, 2007, federal regulations [1] require that all employees involved in the proposing, conducting, and reporting of research project results file an annual COI disclosure form to notify their institution of possible conflicts of interest. In response to this mandate, recent audits, and federal assessments, NC State University has updated its Conflict of Interest (COI) policy [2] NC State University has updated its Conflict of Interest (COI) policy [2] to include Graduate Assistants and SHRA employees paid, in part or in whole, from ledger 5 (sponsored research) funds. These individuals are now required to file an annual COI disclosure via the online COI disclosure system.

NOTE: Only SHRA employees and Graduate Assistants paid from ledger 5 funds are required to file a COI disclosure. If you are NOT being paid from ledger 5 funds, you do not have to file a COI disclosure.

Completing a COI disclosure only takes between 2 and 15 minutes of your time, depending on whether or not you have any significant financial relationships requiring disclosure as prompted by the questions presented to you in the COI disclosure form.

Please visit the COI System Help page if you would like to view instructions about how to fill out your COI disclosure or encounter an error message within the COI system.

  1. Selected Federal Regulations:
    1. 42 CFR §50.603 of Subpart F: “Investigator means the principal investigator and any other person who is responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of research [], or proposed for such funding.“
    2. 42 CFR §50.604(a) of Subpart F: “(c)(1) Require that by the time an application is submitted [that] each Investigator who is planning to participate in the [funded] research has submitted to the designated official(s) a listing of his/her known Significant Financial Interests (and those of his/her spouse and dependent children)“
  2. NC State University Policy: 01.25.01 §2.2, et.seq.: “The [policy] also applies to any individual, regardless of employment type or status, involved in federally funded research including the design, conduct or reporting of such research. A selective sampling of individuals anticipated to be subject to the [policy] under this section include State Personnel Act (SPA) employees, students, visiting scientists or scholars, or trainees.“
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