United States export controls exist to protect the national security and foreign policy interests of this country. These laws govern how technology, technical data, technical assistance, and items or materials are exported, disclosed, or transferred from the US to foreign countries, persons, or entities.

Where applicable, transfers of these items or information may require authorization from the US Government. While most items, information or software that NC State ships or shares with its colleagues and research partners is not of a nature that would be restricted for these purposes, nor are they destined for countries or individuals subject to US embargoes or sanctions, NC State is required to exercise due diligence.

While not an exhaustive list, your research may be subject to export controls when:

  • The items, materials, technology or technical data used in the research are identified on U.S. export control lists.
  • Collaborating with foreign nationals or entities from US sanctioned countries.
  • A research agreement limits publication of results or participation in the effort based on citizenship.