In considering whether or not a shipment to another country will require an export license, we need to consider both WHAT is being shipped and WHERE it is going.

The lists on this page deal with WHAT is being shipped. (See the lists of export controlled or embargoed countries for guidance about WHERE certain shipments may be sent.)

Items, Information and Software subject to US Export Control Laws and used in a university environment are generally categorized on the following two lists:

In addition, under the provisions of the international Chemical Weapons Convention, the United States may require special declarations related to chemical shipments under either the ITAR or the EAR.

If you are shipping any equipment, software, biological agents or technology internationally, please complete the Export Control Determination Request to assist in the classification of the item and to confirm that the ultimate recipient is not a prohibited party. When in doubt of whether a determination is necessary, contact

Munitions List

Published by the US State Department in its International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR): The ITAR addresses items, software and technologies that are primarily defense-related in application.

International Traffic in Arms Regulations

U.S. Munitions List:

(Link opens the State Department site; see Part 121)

Commerce Control List

Published by the US Commerce Department in its Export Administration Regulations (EAR). EAR addresses “dual use” items, information and software that are primarily commercial in nature but also have potential military applications.

Bureau of Industry and Security Commerce Control list

Export Administration Regulations (Link opens the Commerce Department site. Scroll to Part 774.)

Links below open the individual sections of the Commerce Control List.

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