The NCSU Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is comprised of faculty, non-faculty professionals and community representatives. Every member is essential to the operation of our diverse Animal Care and Use Program. However, there are four key personnel who operate as the University’s IACUC Administrative Team.

Judy (Lassiter) Schledorn, IACUC Regulatory Compliance Administrator

After beginning her NCSU employment in the Dean’s office at the College of Veterinary Medicine in 1988, Judy (Lassiter) Schledorn transferred to the position of Administrative Assistant to the IACUC in 1994.  Over the years, her position within the IACUC has evolved from Administrative Assistant to Administrative Officer, and now to Regulatory Compliance Administrator.  Judy is a voting, non-scientist member of the IACUC, and also serves as Vice Chair.  She is a Certified Professional IACUC Administrator (CPIA), having completed the requirements necessary to obtain that certification through the Council for Certified Professional IACUC Administrators, which operates under the auspices of Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research (PRIM&R).  Judy is usually the first point of contact for investigators submitting applications for vertebrate animal use (AVAU or protocol), and coordinates protocol (AVAU) pre-review.  She has 20 years combined experience in office management, research grant editing, IACUC management and animal welfare regulatory compliance, including animal use protocol review and animal facility inspection.  Judy reports directly to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Sponsored Programs and Regulatory Compliance, Jeffrey Cheek.

Paula DeLong, IACUC Compliance and Training Coordinator

Paula DeLong began her employment with NCSU at the College of Veterinary Medicine as an Animal Care Technician.  She soon advanced to Animal Care Supervisor, and then to Assistant Animal Facility Manager.  She joined the IACUC team in 2007 as Compliance and Training Coordinator.  Paula is certified through the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) as a Registered Laboratory Animal Technologist.  She serves as a voting member of the IACUC, tracks protocol (Application for Vertebrate Animal Use; AVAU) review, and as a resource for animal facility managers, animal care staff, research staff and investigators seeking information regarding animal housing area inspections and training for animal care staff.  Paula coordinates semiannual facility inspections and annual protocol renewal review.  She has nineteen years combined experience in laboratory animal facility management and animal welfare regulatory compliance.  Paula reports directly to the IACUC Regulatory Compliance Administrator, Judy (Lassiter) Schledorn.

Gabriel McKeon, University Attending Veterinarian

Dr. McKeon has been involved in biomedical research for over 10 years. He received his D.V.M. in 2008 and achieved diplomate status from the American College of Laboratory Animal Veterinarians in 2012. He currently serves as a voting member of the NCSU IACUC and participates in protocol review, facilities inspections, assists in compliance issues, and helps facilitate the research conducted on campus in a manner that promotes animal welfare. In his role as university attending veterinarian for the IACUC, Dr. McKeon reports to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Sponsored Programs and Regulatory Compliance, Jeffrey Cheek.

Lloyd Fleisher, Professor of Pharmacology, IACUC Chair

Dr. Fleisher has thirty-two years of experience in biomedical research, including twenty-seven years as faculty at the NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine.  He has served as a voting member of the NCSU IACUC since 2002, including four years as Vice Chair and four years as Chair.  He participates in AVAU (protocol) pre-review, provides final protocol review and approval after protocols are reviewed by the IACUC, directs all convened meetings of the committee and initiates investigations of animal use protocol noncompliance.  Dr. Fleisher also participates in animal facility inspections whenever possible. In his role as Chair of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, Dr. Fleisher reports to the University’s Institutional Official, Dr. Terri L. Lomax, Vice Chancellor for Office of Research & Innovation.