Required Training

Training for Animal Users

Required Training for Faculty, Post Doctoral Associates, and Graduate Students Working with Live Animals: The AALAS Learning Library

Please contact Paula DeLong at or 919.515.9532  for a login  to access the AALAS Learning Library for the online Animal Subject Tutorial Training Module.

Training for Staff Working with Animals

The NCSU Animal Subjects Tutorial is designed for the use of NCSU faculty, staff, and students (Animal Care Technicians, Undergraduate Students Working with Animals). It is not intended to be used by external parties to complete or document the regulatory training required by the Animal Welfare Act.

Documentation Requirement for Hands-on Animal Care and Use Training

Other Opportunities for Training

The Laboratory Animal Resources division of the College of Veterinary Medicine has a collection of training materials available for viewing, and veterinarians and technicians who are capable of providing training in many general experimental animal procedures. See CVM LAR Forms.