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Effective January 30 2013, all USDA registered or licensed animal facilities must have contingency plans in place to cover care and/or disposition of regulated species.  Furthermore, all relevant personnel must participate in annual training on contingency plans.  New hires must be trained on contingency plans within 30 days of hire.  All training must be documented.


July 29, 2013: Contingency plans for the animal facility must be developed and a copy must be placed in the animal facility, were all individuals that handle animals have access to it. At a minimum the contingency plan must address

Common emergencies such as electrical outages, faulty HVAC systems, fires, animal escapes, and natural disasters the facility is most likely to experience.

Specific task required to be carried out in response to the identified emergencies including, but not limited to, specific animal evacuation plans or shelter-in-place plans and provisions for providing backup sources of food and water as well as sanitation, ventilation, bedding, veterinary care, etc.

Chain of command and who (by name or by position title) will be responsible for fulfilling these tasks.

How response and recovery will be handled in terms of materials, resources, and training needed.

September 27, 2013: All relevant personnel (those with responsibilities described in the contingency plan) should be trained. After this date any new relevant employees must be trained within 30 days of hire. Record of training must be made available upon request, paper or electronic documentation is acceptable.

Annual: Review of contingency plan and re-training of all relevant personnel must be performed annually. Record of training must be made available upon request, paper or electronic documentation is acceptable.

It is the responsibility of the individual facilities to meet this requirement. All items must be in place by the described deadline and documentation should be available during routine IACUC inspections. After the deadline, documentation must be available during USDA APHIS inspections. The IACUC Office and University Attending Veterinarian are available to assist unit managers with compliance.

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