Research with Humans During COVID-19

The IRB hopes that you are taking care of yourself while being cognizant of your social responsibilities, including social distancing. In light of COVID-19, our office is providing guidance regarding your research practices with human subjects. This guidance is being implemented to protect research participants, researchers, and the larger NC State community from risk of infection from COVID-19. It is our expectation that you minimize in-person contact with research participants and follow all precautions as recommended by NC State University, the CDC, and the WHO. Please do not increase the risk of infection to participants by implementing non-critical health-related research procedures.

Please remain up to date with NC State University Guidance on Coronavirus, Office of Research and Innovation’s COVID-19 Research Continuity page, and the IRB Guidance on Research with Humans During COVID-19.

Please follow guidance from the CDC and the WHO.

If your study is sponsored by NSF or NIH, please follow their guidance.

IRB Workshops at the NC State University Libraries

In accordance with the NC State initiatives in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the IRB has canceled all upcoming in-person workshop sessions at the Libraries through April 22, 2020.

The IRB Basics Part I workshop that was scheduled for April 8th at 10am will now be offered virtually through WebEx on the same date and time. Registrants will receive further information through REPORTER closer to the workshop date for how to access the live workshop on WebEx and how to download all supplemental workshop materials.

Our other spring 2020 workshops (IRB Basics Part 2: Handling Your Data & Assessing Risks and Benefits; Using Secondary Data in Research; Department of Defense (DoD) Affiliated Research Projects; Research Collaborations; When Research and Normal Educational or Evaluation Practices Overlap; Research in Online Spaces and Use of Digital and Social Media) will be rescheduled to dates in future semesters.

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New IRB Pop-Up Format: Virtual Space!

Have questions about an IRB application you’re working on submitting? This semester, we are moving our remaining IRB pop-ups sessions online to protect our Pack. Our pop-ups will continue to be in a drop-in format where you’ll be able to meet with IRB staff individually, discuss any questions you have, and receive targeted guidance for your protocol in process. And the best part is that you won’t need to leave your dorm room, office, or home to meet with us.

Our last upcoming pop-up date for the Spring 2020 semester is:

  • April 16th from 9am to Noon.

Virtual pop-up meeting details will be posted as soon as they are available.

Psychology Students eIRB Application Training

Join our virtual training on the IRB application just for psychology graduate students who have completed the workshop prerequisites. Attendees will receive a priority application review for one pre-set week after the training. The next application training session will be on April 6, 2020 at 1pm. After you register, information will be sent to you for how to access the application training on WebEx.

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NC State IRB Mission

The mission of the NC State IRB office is to advocate for and protect human subjects participating in research through working with investigators in facilitating ethical and compliant research. The IRB values beneficence, justice, and respect for persons and operationalizes these values through practicing transparency, collaboration, education, and communication with researchers and participants.

What We Do and How We Do It

We review all proposed research through the lenses of ethics and compliance before it is implemented by NC State researchers. Our office maintains common sense administrative policies to promote the efficient and effective review of all proposed research involving humans. We educate and train others in practical ethics, legal compliance, and social justice as it relates to research with humans – including minimizing risks and maximizing benefits. We intervene, when necessary, in research to serve as a participant advocate and an accountability board.



Brad Collins
IRB Analyst
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Carter Church
IRB Coordinator for Administration

Yael Allen
IRB Coordinator for Outreach and Education

Complex and Difficult

Jennie Ofstein
IRB Director
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Dr. Thomas A Birkland
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Mailing Address
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Physical Address
Administrative Services III
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Board Meetings

IRB Full Board Meeting: The IRB Full Board Committee meets on the first TUESDAY of every month to review studies requiring Full Board review/approval. Please submit studies requiring Full Board review no later than 4 weeks before intended review date. All researchers whose studies undergo Full Board review, are invited/encouraged to attend the committee meetings.

IRB Numbers

  • FWA Number: 00003429
  • Registration Number: 00000330
  • IORG Number: 0000200