What is the Mission of the IRB Office?

The Mission of the Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research (IRB) is to facilitate compliant research with human subjects.  This is accomplished through three primary goals:

  • First, to protect the rights and welfare of human research subjects through project review.
  • Second, to foster compliance with institutional policy and federal regulations by facilitating institutional personnel’s efforts in utilizing living human subjects for research and other scholarly pursuits that are systematic and designed to contribute to generalizable knowledge.
  • Third, to provide education to institutional personnel on the ethical use of human subjects. Helping scientists and instructors to be stellar stewards of the trust of our human subjects is of paramount concern.

Any research with human subjects at NC State must go through the NC State IRB. Unauthorized use of external IRBs is not permitted.

General Information about the NCSU IRB Office:

  • NCSU IRB FWA: 00003429
  • NCSU IRB Registration number: 00000330
  • NCSU IORG number: 0000200

eIRB Protocol Submission: Apply for IRB approval through the online eIRB system using your unity ID to apply and manage your projects. Please see the “Submission Guidance” section, for more detailed information and help regarding the IRB processes and the eIRB system. Your application will take 4-6 weeks for review and approval.

IRB Full Board Meeting: The IRB Full Board Committee meets on the first TUESDAY of every month to review studies requiring Full Board review/approval. Please submit studies requiring Full Board review no later than 4 weeks before intended review date. All researchers whose studies undergo Full Board review, are invited/encouraged to attend the committee meetings.

Submission Guidance

The Submission Guidance section provides eIRB tutorials for submitting a new application, an amendment request, and a continuing review request. This section of the site provides:

  • Tutorials on how to use the online eIRB application for submitting protocols
  • Examples of study documents
  • Guidance on multiple data collection methods and storage regarding IRB issues
  • Help navigating the CITI training (logging in, printing certificates)
  • Help understanding the IRB process overall
  • Help on navigating processes regarding DOD supported research (“DOD supported research” is research affiliated with the DOD in any way, including unfunded research targeting DOD personnel)


IRB Policies and SOPs

Click here for FAQs related to IRB


The Forms section of the site will provide you access to our NCSU forms such as

Human Subjects Ethics Training 

The NCSU IRB encourages everyone involved in human subject research to complete educational programs. IRB office recommends the ethics training “CITI”

General ​IRB Education

Non Compliance

Your IRB materials, once approved by the IRB, are the blueprint of your study. You are expected to follow the IRB approved research protocol, and use only IRB approved materials when conducting your research.  Any unapproved departure from your approved IRB protocol or implementation of research with human subjects without appropriate IRB approval is non-compliance. Non-compliance has many different consequences, but can result in your being prevented from using data that were collected outside of IRB approval, or require reporting to the federal government. Most importantly, any departure from your approved IRB protocol that INCREASES RISK TO PARTICIPANTS, without IRB approval, is very serious and must be dealt with immediately. Please see our guiding information regarding Non-Compliance.

IRB Coordinator

  • Jennie Ofstein
  • Campus Box 7514
  • Raleigh, NC 27695
  • (919) 515-8754 – Phone
  • (919) 515-7721 – Fax
  • irb-coordinator@ncsu.edu

IRB Administrator

  • Debra Paxton
  • Campus Box 7514
  • Raleigh, NC 27695
  • (919) 515-4514 – Phone
  • (919) 515-7721 – Fax
  • debra_paxton@ncsu.edu

IRB Analyst

  • Mandy Driver
  • Campus Box 7514
  • Raleigh, NC 27695
  • (919) 515-7515 – Phone
  • (919) 515-7721 – Fax
  • ncsuirboffice@ncsu.edu

IRB Chair

  • Dr. Thomas A Birkland
  • Campus Box 8115
  • Raleigh, NC 27695
  • (919) 513-1837 – Phone
  • (919) 515-7856 – Fax
  • tabirkla@ncsu.edu

Institutional Official

  • Richard Best
  • Campus Box 7514
  • Raleigh, NC 27695
  • (919) 515-8754 – Phone
  • (919) 515-7721 – Fax
  • rebest@ncsu.edu