The use of human stem cells in research provokes much debate in the United States. This debate centers around the ethical, legal and regulatory aspects and is primarily directed towards the use of Human Embryonic Stem Cells in research (hESC). The regulatory framework governing hESC research is promulgated by the Whitehouse, managed by the National Institute’s of Health and relies heavily on existing regulations governing research involving human subjects, substance management and biocontainment. At NC State University, a task force of senior legal and administrative leaders facilitate oversight of hESC research by staying abreast of the changing regulatory environment, assess best practices, network with local and regional subject matter experts, and advise the NC State leadership on needed support and actions associated with this important and promising research frontier.

A collection of resources designed to provide a better understanding of issues surrounding Human Embryonic Stem Cell use in research endeavors are available below. Check back regularly as the committee evolves and to check for updates in the intuition’s position on this politically and ethically charged area of research.


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