This agreement may not be used for federally funded projects or as cost-match toward federally funded projects. For use in prescribed undergraduate and graduate academic coursework involving “real-life” problems suitable for addressing as a natural embodiment of course objectives wherein enrollees and or prospective course sponsors team to identify and solve engineering, design, or other technical issues associated with the conduct of business. It should be used when an external Sponsor proposes a problem and agrees to the terms and conditions (un-edited other than for cosmetic or other minor changes) of this Academic Course Design Agreement.

Facilities & Administrative (F&A) Costs:

This is a fixed-price agreement with a $25,000 cap and a 15% modified total direct costs F&A rate. This F&A rate only applies when there are no substantive changes to the agreement. Negotiation and execution of any agreement is by SPARCS only. Departure from the standard terms and conditions outlined in this agreement nullifies the reduced overhead rate.


Prior to engaging in such an endeavor, a properly processed PINS record is required. Each PINS proposal should include a statement of work and budget. The naming convention for project titles should be the Sponsor’s name, semester, and year (For example: Company XYZ Spring 2016 Project). These agreements are not for use other than when pre-approved and executed by SPARCS. Each student must sign a Project Participation Agreement acknowledging that the terms of the agreement define their rights regarding intellectual property and that they are further bound by the terms of the agreement with the Sponsor. College Research Offices will upload Project Participation Agreements into RADAR as received. Faculty and other non-student involvement MUST be limited to only those duties defined in the course syllabus in these endeavors. Expansion of effort outside of the scope and expectations of the course or involvement of non-course-enrollees may constitute a breach of various university policies involving intellectual property, publication, and confidentiality among others.