Below is an inventory of the standard agreement templates employed by NC State University for sponsored scholarly endeavors and other specialized activities. These agreement templates are NOT FOR use other than by authorized SPARCS personnel.

Revised DateDocument Name and AccessDescription of UseComments
01/26/2015Academic Course Design Agreement

aka Senior Design or Capstone Project Agreement

This agreement is for non-federal research applications. The Sponsor will provide a “real-life” problem suitable for classroom instruction. It is a fixed-price agreement with a $25,000 cap and a 15% modified total direct costs F&A rate. Prior to engaging in such a project, a properly processed PINS record is required. Each PINS proposal will include a statement of work and budget. Negotiation and execution of any agreement is by SPARCS only.

Contact SPARCS at 515-2444 for agreement template.

07/03/2017Allocation of Rights Agreement For use as required in STTR proposals. An allocation of rights agreement establishes the intellectual properties rights of the parties prior to the subcontract being issued.If any background Intellectual Property (IP) will be used during performance of project, AOR agreement must be approved by OTT before the AOR agreement can be signed by SPARCS. Can not be done as a RUSH!
09/01/2016Collaborative Research AgreementFor use on $0 joint research efforts.Standardized and preferred agreement for collaborative research projects.
06/05/2017Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR)A federal program combining industry and university partners. This program does not limit indirect costs.See sponsoring agency's website since templates may vary.
04/19/2017Special Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) Note: Requires an NC State Unity IDDelegated to Associate Deans for execution at a maximum of $50K with a special minimum 15% overhead. This document should only be used once in with a sponsor to attract the sponsor to do work with the university. No changes to the standard format are allowed without permission of SPARCS.
06/05/2017Sponsored Project AgreementSponsored Scholarly ActivitiesStandardized and preferred agreement for sponsored projects.
11/04/2015Student Project AgreementUse for Graduate Industrial TraineeshipsThe Facilities & Administrative rate is 15% of a modified total direct cost basis, and SAS Institute has its own template for these traineeships
VariousSubaward Agreement Funding lower-tier subrecipients of funding received by NC State for substantive scholarly works  
05/26/2006Subcontracting Plan (MBE/WBE/HUB)
Note: Requires an NC State Unity ID
For use when a small business subcontracting plan is required in a contract Limited usefulness and scope. Talk to management before using.
VariousTech Transfer Agreements including standard CDA/NDA, Licensing, etc.  Contact OTT
 Veterinary Clinical Trial AgreementFor this agreement, contact SPARCS by emailing sps@ncsu.eduStandardized and preferred agreement for veterinary clinical trials of investigational drugs or devices.