Occasionally it may be necessary to establish a project id (fka an account number) before a sponsored agreement is finalized. When assured that a sponsored agreement is reasonably expected to materialize, a pre-award project number can be established for the purposes of beginning the process of recruitment of project employees, ordering of specialized equipment and supplies, and the like in preparation for the start of the project.

Steps to establish a pre-award project account:

The Department and Principal Investigator:
  • Via e-mail, send any and all correspondence received from the sponsor that indicates eminent funding to your College Research Officer (you may need to scan certain documents and send them as e-mail attachments).
  • Indicate the spending cap you would like placed on the pre-award project number (this should be just enough to get you started pending finalization of an agreement).
  • Acknowledge in the e-mail text that you understand that should a sponsored agreement not materialize, any expenditures you make against the pre-award project number will be the responsibility of the department.

The College Research or Business Officer

  • Identify the pending project in RADAR and from the "Proposal" section of the project select the "Request a Preaward Account" button.
  • Complete the three fields for your contact phone number, the spending cap, and the unit responsible for un-reimbursed expenditures.
  • By clicking "Access to Proposal Documents" upload all correspondence you have indicating eminent funding is forthcoming.
  • Supply the e-mail addresses of all those you wish to notify with a minimum of the department head, the principal investigator and the departmental book keeper. Failure to supply these minimum e-mail addresses will errode the effectiveness (although the responsibility still resides with the department whether they get the e-mail or not) of the certification of finanical responsibility should funding not materialize.

Sponsored Programs

  • Upon SPARCS’ receipt of the request for a pre-award account, SPARCS processing staff will print it along with any relevant correspondence that the college uploaded indicating eminent funding from the sponsor (note, at this point, Stefanie and Victoria in SPARCS monitor these requests and assign them accoringly).
  • Prepare the proposal package for C&G
  • Prepare a file with a label
  • Give the package to a Negotiator for approval
  • Negotiator, review the correspondence and the request and note on the e-mail that you have reviewed and find everything in order by initialing or signing the document.
  • Negotiator will enter a pre-award transaction in RADAR and print the notice placing it as the first sheet in the entire package.
  • Forward package to C&G