NC State University’s Research Administration enterprise leads the nation and the world with its innovation in administrative efficiencies. Part of the cutting edge efforts we have undertaken is to delegate signature authority to the most distributed level reasonable. This allows us to ensure that the review, approval and signature process on proposals and agreements is in fact far less bureaucratic and much more value-added. Under this environment, continuing education is absolutely critical and NC State has made it mandatory for all signatory delegates. At least annually, the signatory delegates hold a meeting on what their signature represents, what the signatures of the PI’s, Department Heads, and Center Directors represent, what the consequences of false or inappropriate representations are and where challenges or hurdles in meeting these objectives are being observed by central administration. Signature authority delegation is suspended if attendance at a signature authority continuing education session is not attended. Below are the dates and times signature authority training has been held as well as the most current Signature Authority Delegation Standard Operating Procedures and the Signature Representations and Certifications which are reviewed during continuing education events. Also below is the URL to the Delegates listserve which is used periodically to communicate important updates to signature delegation.

Documents Used in Continuing Signature Authority Education