Who can serve as a PI or Co-I and what are the definitions of these roles?

The Principal Investigator is responsible for fiscal, programmatic and administrative oversight of the project. Many federal, state, sponsor and institutional regulations and laws apply to university research.

These obligations are part of theĀ proposal certifications.

Ensure all work proposed, conducted and reported is free of falsification, plagiarism, fabrication or other non-scholarly conduct.

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Ensure all expenditures are reasonable, allowable under the terms of the award, and allocable to the sponsored project.

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Research involving humans, animals, export controlled technologies, and restricted data require additional approvals, safeguards and/or training.

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Records generated from university research are owned by NC State University and must be maintained for a minimum of 3 years OR longer if required by the sponsor, journal or patent disclosure. Records include all laboratory notebooks, data sets and technical reports.

Scholarly Data Management and Ownership

Promptly disclose new inventions

Office of Research Commercialization

Contact the Office of Federal Relations before communicating with federal government representatives (e.g. members of Congress).

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Maintain a current conflict of interest disclosure identifying interests in entities who sponsor, participate in, or may benefit from each project.

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