Step 1: Identify funding & Write Your Proposal

Tip: Time to start thinking through compliance issues.

Step 2: Contact the College office

At least 8 business days in advance of deadline,contact your college research office and seek their prereview of RFP, Budget and Budget Justification.

Step 3: PINS

Upload the final version of your proposal in PINS. If the proposal requires your signature, consult your college office before signing it.

Initiate and approve PINS routing.

Note: If you are having difficulty logging into PINS, please call the help desk at 515-4267 or complete the PINS Userid Problems form.

Step 4: Proposal sent to the Sponsor after College Review

Work with your college research office to obtain signatures on your application.

Step 5: Report to your college any and all communications with the sponsor

Step 6: Get Funded!

Your commitment to responsible conduct is the only way for NC State to maintain public trust in our scholarly pursuits.

Obtain necessary compliance approvals: