For sharing materials:

Material transfers will be made with terms similar to the Simple Letter Agreement (SLA) found at NIH Office of Technology Transfer for the transfer of materials or the Uniform Biological Material Transfer Agreement (UBMTA) for the transfer of biological materials.

NC State is a signatory to the UBMTA.

For handling IP:

NCSU’s mission is to integrate teaching, research, and extension services to benefit the public. NCSU is further dedicated to the transfer of its research and technology to the public sector for the general economic benefit of North Carolina and the rest of the United States. The institutional policies governing the management of intellectual property creation at NCSU are designed to encourage innovation and assure broad dissemination of the research results, and to stimulate and recognize creativity among the faculty, staff, and students. They also establish a process that is flexible enough to accommodate the different types of research and innovative work conducted at NCSU. Intellectual property developed as a result of this proposal will be managed in accordance with the policies and procedures at NCSU. Ownership of Inventions shall reflect inventorship as determined by U.S. patent law. In the event of joint ownership of an Invention, the appertaining parties shall enter into an inter-institutional agreement for the subject Invention concerning the sharing of all invention management responsibilities based upon the parties’ relative contributions to the subject Invention.