External Professional Activities for Pay Notice of Intent (NOI) Online Help

For general information about consulting, please see the Consulting FAQs. If you have a question that is not answered in this documentation, call 919-515-4267 or submit an online information request.

Log into NOI

using your Unity id and your Unity password.

  • If you receive an error message, double check your Unity ID and make certain you are using your Unity password and try again. If you are not an EHRA Professional or faculty employee, you will not use the NOI system. Instead, please get in touch with your Human Resources representative.
  • If you still receive an error message call 515-4267 or 515-2444 immediately. Alternatively, you can submit an online information request.

Why do I have to do this?

Engaging in external professional activities for pay is a privilege of serving in an EPA Professional or Faculty position. Board of Governor’s policy and NC State University regulation requires the prior-notification and approval by your supervisor (department head, dean, etc.).

What should I include on my notice of intent?

The notice of intent system will guide you through the questions necessary for your department head to consider and approve your external professional activity for pay. Generally, however, you must inform your supervisor of:

  • The name and address of the entity with whom you will engage in external professional activities for pay.
  • The nature of the activities in which you will engage for the entity.
  • Any and all duties you will miss, if any. If you will not miss any duties, then enter none in both blocks on the duties screens. If you are going to miss a duty, enter the duty you will miss and then enter the arrangements you’ve made to cover the missed duties. For example, if you are scheduled to teach on the day of your external professional activity then prior to submitting the notice of intent, you must outline a reasonable arrangement to cover the missed class such as identifying a post-doc or senior graduate student to handle the class that day.
  • To the extent you will use any university resources, you must disclose those resources in your notice of intent. Nothing more than incidental use of your office space and your personal computer are generally allowable uses of university resources without a separate facilities use agreement form.
  • If the entity with which you are engaging in external professional activities is also engaged in a business relationship with the university (such as sponsors research or provides other goods or services) in which you have a possible role in selecting or supervising those who select that entities sponsored research funds and/or goods or services then you must also update your Conflict of Interest disclosure prior to submitting your notice of intent or certify that your current Conflict of Interest is complete and up to date.

How will I know my NOI is routing and/or approved

Unless you have requested your access profile be modified to not send e-mail messages, you will receive a message at every level of review.

Do I need to update my Conflict of Interest form?

If the firm you propose to engage in external professional activities for pay is a private company, or any entity in which you have another relationship, you may need to disclose the nature of your relationship using the Conflict of Interest disclosure form. For advice on Conflict of Interest Policies and Procedures, please contact the Research Compliance Administrator, Jill Dale, 919-513-8141.

Can I have a Testing and Services Agreement (TSA) with a firm with which I am engaged in external professional activities for pay?

Technically speaking, NO. The rules governing TSAs clearly state the TSA is appropriate for work performed and where:

  • ‘such efforts will not have any research component.’
  • individuals involved ‘SHALL NOT work as a consultant for the same client during the term of any services agreement or for the purpose [of] creating the clients protocol or interpreting or analyzing the data delivered without an approved conflict of interest management plan. Mitigation of such situations shall be handled under the university’s conflict of interest policy and with the use of an appropriate management plan developed by the individual and approved by the department head and dean of the college.’

In general, it does not appear possible to “firewall” your external professional activities for pay engagement with a firm that is conducting business with a service center in which you are a principal (director, employee, participant, student or other affiliation). However, each case must be carefully considered by the department head and dean.