NIH Progress Reports must be processed through PINS

For NIH Progress Reports, follow these supplemental instructions:

  1. Selecting the option entitled “Create Supplement/Continuation/Revised Proposal”
  2. In the resulting list of projects, find and select the original NIH proposal on which you are filing the progress report.
  3. Update the record accordingly by entering
    • Deadline – Reasonable Date in the future.
    • Deadline Type – Target Date
    • Project Start Date – Beginning of NEXT budget period
    • Project End Date – One year from Start Date
    • Proposal Type – NIH Progress Report
    • Category – Research (or appropriate type)
    • RFP No. – Leave Blank
    • Amount Requested – Leave 0
    • On/Off Campus – Select as Appropriate
    • F&A Rate – Use whatever current rate is applied in your award
    • F&A Basis – Modified Total Directs
    • Abstract – Simply type “Progress Report”
    • Answer all of the Yes/No Questions
    • Answer all of the Regulatory Compliance Questions
    • Click Add/View Supporting Documentation
    • Upload a copy of your progress report as prepared in eCommons or as prepared using the 2590 formset
    • Click Initiate Routing – correct any noted errors, then approve your progress report