Through a partnership between the offices of Sponsored Programs and Regulatory Compliance Services (SPARCS) and Contracts and Grants (C&G) the research administration enterprise of NC State University is pleased to offer Training in Sponsored Projects Administration (T-SPA), comprised of Pre-award, Post-award and Regulatory Compliance.

This partnership starts with SPARCS and C&G, but relies heavily on the outstanding training and service provided by many other offices on campus including, but not limited to the Office of Technology Transfer and the Office of Legal Affairs.  Each course is a stand-alone session, covering a specific aspect of sponsored projects administration. The entire program provides a “cradle-to-grave” overview of research administration at NC State.

The goal of this training program is simple: train staff, faculty and leadership in the art of managing externally sponsored research and scholarly endeavors.  The measurement of our success will be in the competence expressed in our daily decision-making, recognition of program completion through internal certification, and achieving a high success rate in national certification of our research administrators. But ultimately, the satisfaction of the faculty in our efforts to facilitate their sponsored scholarly and research endeavors and attaining clean financial, program and regulatory compliance audits will confirm this broadened competence.

Registration Note: Please register if you can commit to attending. We typically have wait lists for many of these courses and want to make the courses available to those who can commit to attend.

Comments, questions or concerns about T-SPA can be addressed to: