Who We Are

The University Research Committee is the faculty’s voice to the research administration. The committee evaluates and advises on research-related issues and helps to identify emerging areas of interest or concern at NC State.


Current year schedule of meetings. See intranet (unity id required) for agendas.

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Current Members

Current committee members and their contact information.

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Research Calendar

All research committee meetings and other research events.

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Responsibilities of the Committee are to advise the Vice Chancellor for Research, Innovation, and Economic Development and to:

  1. Encourage and support the intellectual and research interests of the faculty;
  2. Evaluate and advise on research and administration policies and procedures and promote their continuous improvement;
  3. Evaluate and advise on consulting policies and practices and promote their continuous improvement;
  4. Inform the faculty on the availability of support for research and professional development, and to assist as it can in securing such support; and
  5. Recommend to the Vice Chancellor the allocations to be made from the Research and Innovation Seed Funding (RISF) Program.

2018-19 Meetings

  • August 15, 2018

2017-18 Meetings

  • August 16, 2017
  • September 13, 2017
  • October 18, 2017
  • November 15, 2017
  • December 13, 2017
  • January 17, 2018
  • February 14, 2018
  • March 14, 2018
  • April – Research Retreat (date TBD)
  • April 18, 2018

2017-2018 Members

Faculty Members

  • Sharon Joines, Chair, Professor, Industrial Design, COD
  • Sankar Arumugam, Lampe Professor, Civil, Construction, & Environmental Engineering, COE
  • Daniel Dougherty, Associate Professor, Physics, COS
  • Owen Duckworth, Professor, Soil Science, CALS
  • Fikret Isik, Professor, Forestry & Environmental Resources, CNR
  • Warren Jasper, Professor, Textile Engineering, Chemistry, COT
  • Sophia Kathariou, Professor, Food, Bioprocessing, & Nutrition Sciences, CALS
  • Eda Kemahioglu-Ziya, Associate Professor, Supply Chain Management, PCOM
  • Ronald Baynes, Professor, Population Health and Pathobiology, CVM
  • Jeff Mielke, Associate Professor, English, CHASS
  • Duarte Morais, Associate Professor, Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management, CNR
  • Dahlia Nielsen, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences, COS
  • Joan Pennell, Director, Center for Family & Community Engagement, Professor, Department of Social Work, CHASS
  • Stephen Porter, Professor, Educational Leadership, Policy, & Human Development, CED
  • Steve Shannon, Associate Professor, Nuclear Engineering, COE
  • Barbara Sherry, Professor, Molecular Biomedical Sciences, CVM
  • Hiller Spires, Professor & Senior Research Fellow, Teacher Education & Learning Sciences, CED
  • Jeffrey Yoder, Associate Professor, Molecular Biomedical Sciences, CVM

Ex Officio Members

  • Alan Rebar, Vice Chancellor, ORIED
  • Tish Attayek, RSC Chair, Assistant Director of Research Development, COE
  • Ruben Carbonell, Director, Kenan Institute for Engineering, Technology & Science, Frank Hwakins Kenan Distinguished Professor, Chemical Engineering, COE
  • Richard Best, Research Integrity Officer, ORIED
  • Genevieve Garland, Director, Resesarch Operations, ORIED
  • Marie Grubbs, Research Planning Manager, Research Development Office, ORIED
  • Peter Harries, Senior Associate Dean, The Graduate School
  • Milburn Holbrook, Associate Director, Contracts and Grants
  • Jon Horowitz, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Research Infrastructure, ORIED
  • Matt Peterson, Director, Federal Research Affairs, ORIED
  • Pradip Pramanik, Director, Proposal Development Unit, ORIED
  • Kelly Sexton, Director, Technology Commercialization and New Ventures, ORIED
  • Sherrie Settle, Director of Sponsored Programs, ORIED
  • Ron Sederoff, Faculty Senate Representative, Professor, Forestry & Environmental Resources, CNR (retired 1/31/17)
  • Mladen Vouk, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Development, ORIED

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