FY2016 Research Activity

NC State received more than $349+ million in sponsored funding

3,600+ projects awarded

3,500+ proposals submitted

2nd in the U.S. in Licenses and Options Executed*

# 3 in startups launched

# 5 in invention disclosures received

# 8 in license revenue

# 13 in patents filed

# 19 in patents issued

4,000+ intellectual property disclosures

500+ products to market

100+ start-up companies

Our technology commercialization program consistently ranks in the top 10 universities without a medical school.

*Source: Association for University Technology Managers (AUTM) – FY 2015 U.S. Tech Transfer Survey

NSF Rankings by Research Expenditures*

# 3 in industry expenditures among all public institutions without a medical school

# 7 in all expenditures among all public institutions without a medical school

# 11 in all federally funded research among U.S. universities without a medical school

*Source: National Science Foundation – FY2015 Higher Education Research and Development (HERD) Survey

72 Partners on Centennial Campus

50+ economic development projects in FY 2016

“I have to say, you make it extremely easy to tap into the expertise that NC State offers to companies we’re trying to grow or recruit here… Your can-do attitude (and ability to deliver the right folks for the right situations) is much appreciated; you all are definitely at the top in terms of customer-friendliness.” 

Chris Chung, CEO of the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina

Rising Star*

# 3 in America

# 31 in the World

among institutions that increased contributions to a selection of top academic journals from Jan. 1, 2012 to Dec. 31, 2015

*Source:  The Nature Index


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