Improving clinical trials for cancer research. Creating safer food supplies. Translating biomedical applications from animal research to help humans. Developing nonwoven materials that protect first responders. These examples all represent the research that is being conducted at NC State University in the areas of health and well-being.

From startup companies to top-ranked research centers, NC State has some significant stories to tell. Read below for more information.

Bioinfomatics Research Center

The Bioinformatics Research Center is one of the world’s premier centers for education and research in bioinformatics, which integrates information science and statistics with the study of genomics.It focuses on the development of new computational and statistical tools for the analysis and interpretation of genomic data, and it provides educational and training opportunities to graduate students and scientists.

Southeast Dairy Foods Research Center

Established in 1988 by Dairy Management Inc., the Southeast Dairy Foods Research Center conducts research, educates scientists, and develops new technologies for processing milk and its components into dairy products to improve health, safety and quality. Areas of research include cheeses, whey and milk powers, fluid milk, milkfat, and overall safety and quality.

Ergonomics Center of North Carolina

The Ergonomics Center is housed in the College of Engineering at NC State University and works closely with the Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering on research projects. The goal is to design equipment, tools, tasks and the environment to maximize worker productivity by reducing fatique and injuries. Aside from research, the center focuses on consulting and training.

Center for Quantitative Sciences in Biomedicine

Established in October 2007, the Center for Quantitative Sciences in Biomedicine is a multidisciplinary research center that facilitates research projects that require collaboration among scientists in the quantitative and biological disciplines. For example, researchers from NC State University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University are working together to develop new methods to improve cancer clinical trials.

Center for Research in Scientific Computation

The Center for Research in Scientific computation fosters research in scientific computing and provides a focal point for research in computational science, engineering and applied mathematics. Another major focus of the center is graduate education and postdoctoral research opportunities. Past collaborators and sponsors include the Lord Corporation, Boeing, Lockheed, NASA and universities throughout the country.

Center for Comparative Medicine & Translational Research

The CCMTR promotes scientific discovery and facilitates its clinical application to improve the health of animals and humans through new drugs, vaccines and technology. Initiatives help develop the multidisciplinary teams necessary to bring an idea from the lab to the patient. The Center is home to services that provide advanced technology, collect and store clinical patient samples, and perform clinical trials to validate new medical interventions.

Center for Family & Community Engagement

Established in 1998, the Center promotes safe, healthy, and productive families and communities through collaboration, training, program support, and evaluation on family-centered meetings. Current initiatives include Strong Fathers, Fostering Youth Educational Success and the NC Family Centered Meetings Project. It also offers training and consultation on a fee basis at the request of community organizations.