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Need car insurance? Want to sell your vehicle? Need warranty? Get Spiffy can help

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – Get Spiffy continues to add to its suite of vehicle maintenance services, launching today the addition of new partners to offer insurance, warranties and assessments of vehicle value.

The fast-growing RTP startup led by serial entrepreneur and investor Scot Wingo announced the new services early Wednesday.

These are part of Wingo describes as a “complete car care initiative.”

“[I]n addition to services Spiffy is providing directly, we’re partnering with innovators in auto insurance, warranties, car value/buying and windshields to expand the range of auto-services we provide for customers,” the CEO explains.

Spiffy now works with Carvana, Gabi and in addition to SafeLite for windshield repair.

The new additions are the latest initiatives for growth at Spiffy, from adding more locations, vehicle disinfection services and franchising.

“This idea of ‘complete car care’ has been a long-term goal for a while, and started coming together with Safelite earlier this year,” Wingo says.

“What excites us most about these partnerships is how the combined value elevates the experience of every Spiffy customer. Instead of just getting a car wash or oil change, we’re aiming to simplify every step of car ownership, from insurance coverage and warranties to lifetime maintenance and trade-in valuation.”

The additions of Complete Car Care Partnerships come after Spiffy found in a survey that vehicle owners were stressed by insurance costs and repairs:

  • Gabi offers online insurance cost comparisons
  • Carvana offers a trade-in valuation tool
  • offers vehicle warranties