Triangle Venture Alliance

North Carolina State University, along with UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke University, have created the Triangle Venture Alliance (TVA). In May of 2015, Duke University launched the Duke Angel Network (DAN), and in December 2016, UNC-Chapel launched the Carolina Angel Network (CAN). The three Triangle-area universities have partnered to build a network of angel groups that will co-invest in deals where there is a connection to more than one school on the management team. The alliance received grants from the U.S. Economic Development Administration and from NC Idea in 2015 and 2016 to foster this collaboration.


Co-investment Funds

The Wolfpack Investor Network is currently partnering with two co-investment funds. The Seed Capital Endowment Fund (SCEF) consists of philanthropic contributions that are targeted at entrepreneurship across the global Wolfpack community. The fund will co-invest in qualifying deals that are funded by WIN individual members, at the discretion of the WIN Steering Committee.

In addition to SCEF, WIN has partnered with Hatteras Venture Partners (a Durham-based venture capital fund) that has created a fund to invest in Triangle Venture Alliance deals. The Venture Capital Multiplier Fund (VCMF) is professionally managed and its director is actively engaged with the TVA Alliance.


University Funding Partners

The Wolfpack Investor Network has been fortunate to receive funding from a number of internal units within North Carolina State University. This funding allowed for a successful launch of the program and has provided support as WIN has grown quickly. WIN internal funding partners are as follows:

• Kenan Institute for Engineering, Technology & Science (KIETS), North Carolina State University
• Office of Research and Innovation (ORI), North Carolina State University
• Office of the Chancellor at North Carolina State University
• Poole College of Management, North Carolina State University
• Provost’s Office, North Carolina State University