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May 31, 2018
  • Fred Gould speaking at World Science Festival

    May 31, 2018 | 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm
    Skirball Center for the Performing Arts, 566 LaGuardia Pl, New York, NY 10012, USA


      -  Tickets available

    For the first time in history, human beings have been given the keys to the car called Evolution. A breakthrough technology now allows us to modify genes with ease and precision. Within the next year or so, its power will be starkly revealed when a living, breathing wooly mammoth is born, the first since the Ice Age. For human applications, trials of this new technology are already underway seeking to eradicate various debilitating genetic diseases. But like teenagers at the wheel, we’re still learning to drive. Are we zooming toward a happy, healthy, well-fed future, or toward a cliff? Join bioethicists, evolutionary biologists, and the pioneering scientists using this tool in their labs right now as we plot a course toward a future that could hold both promise and peril.

    Moderator: Lesley Stahl, CBS Anchor, Correspondent

    • Fred Gould, Biologist, NC State
    • Josephine Johnston, Bioethicist, The Hasting Center
    • Neville Sanjana, Bioengineer, Neuroscientist, NY Genome Center and NYU
    • Sam Sternberg, Biochemist, Columbia University
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June 4, 2018
June 5, 2018

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Upcoming Special Events

Forging Integrated Expertise in Graduate Education Symposium

June 4 – 5, 2018, Talley Student Center

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Past Special Events

Larisa Rudenko, 1/30, Hunt Library

GES Lecture Series: Dr. Larisa Rudenko (past)

Tales from the Biotech Trenches

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Sarah Evanega - Hunger & Hypocrisy: A Climate for GMO Change

GES Lecture Series: Sarah Evanega (past)

Hunger & Hypocrisy: A Climate for GMO Change

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Steven Druker - How Health Risks of GMOs Systematically Misrepresented

GES Lecture Series: Steven Druker (past)

How the Health Risks of GMOs Have Been Systematically Misrepresented: An Assessment from the Perspectives of Both Biological Science and Computer Science”

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AGES: The Untold Stories of GMO Pioneers

AGES: The Untold Stories of GMO Pioneers (past)

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