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COVID-19 cells shown in blue

NC State Researchers Take On COVID-19

NC State faculty and staff have pivoted from their customary research to study COVID-19, using their expertise in battling the pandemic. 

We’re at the Forefront of Discovery

The Office of Research and Innovation supports the research, scholarship and creative activities of the NC State community by promoting collaborative research and an innovative environment.

We’re a dynamic organization for a dynamic institution. As part of a preeminent research university, we encourage the curious and creative to think and do the extraordinary.

From securing funding to commercializing research and from cultivating collaboration to educating on best practices, we provide support every step of the way.

2nd in Industry Expenditures

among public universities without a medical school

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Our Strategic Research Areas

Designing Healthy and Resilient Societies

NC State researchers find innovative ways to improve our well-being — whether they’re nourishing healthier animals and more nutritious crops or using textile technology to 3D-print fibers that better mimic those in the human body.

Harnessing Data for Decision Making

In an increasingly data-centric world, our researchers are improving the information we collect — and making sure it’s used for good. We use analytics to predict natural disasters and to advance promising fields like quantum computing.

Enriching the Human Experience

Our faculty collaborate across disciplines to study our past, our present and what it means to be human. The scientific discoveries we’re making today will become tomorrow’s fundamentals in fields like chemistry and physics.

Creating Safe, Secure and Intelligent Systems

We use innovative technology to make smarter machines, more efficient processes and safer communities.

Driving Food, Water and Energy Solutions

NC State research benefits the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe.

A Hub for 5G Innovation

As the global race toward 5G heats up, NC State will lead research to create a faster, smarter wireless network. Establishing three new experimentation sites across Raleigh and Cary, AERPAW will be the first wireless research platform to study the convergence of 5G technology and autonomous drones.

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Shot from above, a man stands with a grounded drone.

2021 University Research Symposium

The Office of Research and Innovation hosted the 2021 University Research Symposium via a series of Zoom meetings and webinars throughout the week of March 22nd. Featuring keynote addresses, discussion panels, lightning-round presentations, networking sessions and more, the 2021 University Research Symposium focused on Climate Change and Resilience.

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