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Event Info - AGES: The Untold Stories of GMO Pioneers, Tues 9/26

Thinking about coming to our Tuesday event - AGES: The Untold Stories of GMO Pioneers? Here's everything you need to know...


GES Updates: Week of 9.18 | Colloquium, Woolly Mammoths, News & More

From GM mosquitoes to woolly mammoths, we've got another big week ahead.


Jayce Sudweeks discusses GM Mosquito Research | Colloquium 09.19.2017

NEXT WEEK: Jayce Sudweeks - Examining the Policy Narratives Surrounding the Releases of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes
In an effort to combat diseases such as dengue fever and Zika, genetically modified (GM) mosquitoes have been released in Brazil to control mosquito populations. A similar release effort was attempted in the Florida Keys, but has been delayed.


GES Updates: Colloquium, Papers, Conferences, & More

GES Center Updates - Week of 9.11.2017
Fall Semester is in full swing, and we have lots to share with you. Let's get right into it.
9.5.17 COLLOQUIUM VIDEO - Population Genetics of Gene Drives


Special Guests: Drs. Matsuo & Tachikawa, Gene Editing in Japan | Colloquium 9.12.17

Please join us to welcome two special guests, Dr. Makiko Matsuo and Dr. Masashi Tachikawa, who will be visiting from Japan to discuss their research around the ethical, legal and social implications (ELSI) related to gene editing in the food and agriculture sectors.


SynBio & UN CBD video posted from 8.29 Colloquium

THIS WEEK: Michael Vella & Sumit Dohle - Population Genetics of Gene Drives
WATCH: Last week's Colloquium talk from Todd Kuiken was a fascinating look at what's happening today around Synthetic Biology and the UN Convention on Biological Diversity.


Reversible Gene Drives—What About Daisy Chain? | Colloquium 09.05.17

NEXT WEEK: Michael Vella & Sumit Dohle - Population Genetics of Gene Drives
A gene drive biases inheritance of a gene so that it increases in frequency within a population even when the gene confers no fitness benefit.


Colloquium: SynBio & the UN CBD | 08.29.17

THIS WEEK: Dr. Todd Kuiken, Senior Research Scholar, GES Center
The Long and Windy Road: Inside the U.N. Processes as they relate to synthetic biology

There are multiple processes happening inside the United Nations in relation to synthetic biology and the shift towards digital genomic information both simultaneously and separately.


GES Colloquium Info | 08.22.2017

Welcome to the 6th year of the Genetic Engineering and Society Colloquium!
As always, we have an incredible lineup of speakers that represent multiple perspectives, professions, and disciplines related to genetic engineering and society. We hope you’ll come as often as you can, and bring a friend whenever possible!


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