Marine iguanas of the Galápagos are vulnerable to feral cats and other invasive predators. Credit: Tui de Roy, Scientific American

Scientific American: Could Genetic Engineering Save the Galápagos?

November 7, 2017 | Patti Mulligan

Campbell first became intrigued by the possibilities of gene drive in 2011, when he sat in on a conference call between biologists at NC State University and officials of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to discuss a possible genetic approach to control a runaway mouse problem on Southeast Farallon Island, about 20 miles west of the California coast, near San Francisco. John Godwin, a North Carolina State neurobiologist who studies animal behavior, had learned of the Farallon issue while skimming the Internet in 2011. He happened to be at a university with an established infrastructure dedicated to experimenting with—and considering the ethical implications of—genetic manipulation....

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A gallery-goer interacts with an interpretive artistic piece inspired by the potential of gene editing at “Art’s Work in the Age of Biotechnology: Shaping Our Genetic Future(s),” an April exhibit by CALS' Genetics and Society Center, NCSU Libraries and CAM Raleigh.

Our (Possible) Genetic Futures

November 3, 2017 | Patti Mulligan

As crowds poured into Raleigh’s contemporary art museum during the April 2017 art walk, one white wall began to fill with hand-written messages scribbled on neon Post-It notes. Above was a sign: Write down one word describing how you feel about your genetic future....

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OECD Co-operative Research Programme Funded Workshop

June 6, 2016 | Staff

Environmental Release of Engineered Pests: Building an International Governance Framework October 5 – 6, 2016 Agenda Download PDF Impetus for the Workshop There has been intense research and development of new gene drive technologies, with...

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