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Wolfpack Investor Network Boosts Natrx Inc. for Eco-Friendly Coastal Solutions

RALEIGH, North Carolina – The Wolfpack Investor Network (“WIN”) is North Carolina State University’s angel investor group that provides capital and guidance to NC State connected, early-stage companies. WIN has just announced the completion of a follow-on round of financing for Natrx Inc., a Raleigh based company that uses a proprietary, advanced technology and manufacturing approach to deliver high-performance, nature-based solutions that protect coastal ecosystems and infrastructure.

More on Natrx

Traditional methods for climate resilience and infrastructure protection are expensive, ecologically damaging, and unreliable. Natrx takes a technology-first approach in addressing these challenges – creating practical, sustainable, and large-scale coastal barrier solutions that deliver high-performance and natural beauty. Natrx custom installations are more cost-effective, easier to permit, and easier to build than traditional approaches to coastal barriers.

WIN and Natrx – NC State Connections

As a mature and successful early-stage company, Natrx had many financing options to consider when closing its most recent round of capital. WIN was an attractive partner to Natrx due to WIN’s affiliation to NC State and the broader Triangle community.

“WIN provides us with a strong connection with the university, a broad talent base within NC State and the Triangle, and different perspectives from the diverse investor-base. Over half of our team are NC State graduates, and WIN’s connectivity along with the breadth of talent is what makes WIN stand out the most.” noted Natrx CEO Leonard Nelson.

WIN and Natrx – A Shared Vision for the Environment

The collaboration between WIN and Natrx is a big step towards making the world more environmentally friendly, as both groups share a vision where technology and nature work together to create a better future.

John Leachman, Harbright Ventures, Venture Partner to the Wolfpack Investor Network, stated, “As climate change accelerates, it’s critical that institutions like WIN ensure capital gets deployed to innovative solutions like Natrx that protect ecosystems and biodiversity. We are very excited about our investment in Natrx and believe the company can produce both meaningful ecological benefits and outsized investor returns.” 

About Wolfpack Investor Network 

Founded in 2017, the Wolfpack Investor Network is an angel investor platform that unites investors and innovators, delivering impactful investments and results. WIN’s Members are accredited investors who actively provide financial support and strategic guidance to WIN’s portfolio companies. WIN was founded by a group of alumni and other partners who are committed to supporting North Carolina State University’s entrepreneurship program and culture of innovation. More information about WIN can be found here: