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Wolfpack Investor Network Supports Raleigh-Based Voxel with Fresh Capital

RALEIGH, North Carolina – The Wolfpack Investor Network (“WIN”) is North Carolina State University’s angel investor group that provides capital and guidance to NC State connected, early-stage companies. WIN has just announced the completion of two investments in Voxel Innovations, Inc. (“Voxel”), a Raleigh based company that machines high-quality metal components using proprietary versions of pulsed electrochemical machining (“PECM”). 

More on Voxel 

Raleigh, North Carolina headquartered Voxel, is a specialty high-volume contract manufacturer of complex metal parts. Since its founding in 2015, Voxel has developed an advanced portfolio of proprietary PECM processes. PECM is a non-thermal, non-contact material removal method capable of creating small features and superfinished surfaces on metallic parts with high repeatability and volume. Voxel utilizes PECM to produce tight-tolerance metal components for the medical device, aerospace and energy industries. To date, Voxel has amassed an impressive customer base highlighting the value they bring to their clients. 

WIN and Voxel – A Shared Vision for Development and Growth 

The Wolfpack Investor Network supports companies led by NC State University students, graduates, and/or faculty as well as companies utilizing NC State-licensed technology. As an NC State Mechanical Engineering Alumni, CEO Daniel Herrington brought the Voxel investment opportunity to WIN. WIN is extremely excited to support Voxel in its efforts to grow the commercial prospects for Voxel’s PECM technology. 

“WIN’s partnership with Voxel provides the validation and capital we need to continue to innovate and grow our PECM technology. It’s meaningful to me to have the support of the NC State community as a significant contributor to this fundraising round.” noted Voxel CEO Daniel Herrington. 

Robert Earl Ross, Harbright Ventures, Venture Partner to the Wolfpack Investor Network, stated, “Voxel is a fantastic example of the top-notch innovation coming from NC State alumni. Voxel has developed transformative technology and has become an important partner and supplier to its customers. In addition to investing in Voxel’s equity, we were pleased to provide a flexible debt instrument which together supports Voxel’s innovation and growth.” 

About Wolfpack Investor Network 

Founded in 2017, the Wolfpack Investor Network is an angel investor platform that unites investors and innovators, delivering impactful investments and results. WIN’s Members are accredited investors who actively provide financial support and strategic guidance to WIN’s portfolio companies. WIN was founded by a group of alumni and other partners who are committed to supporting North Carolina State University’s entrepreneurship program and culture of innovation. More information about WIN can be found here: