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KWIPPED wins e-commerce award

Wilmington-based KWIPPED Inc, has received an N.C. Tech Award. It is an online business-to-business platform that allows members to rent or lease equipment as needed.

A Wilmington company has received a prestigious N.C. Tech Award for the use of technology in e-commerce.

Founder and CEO Robert Preville accepted the award on behalf of KWIPPED Inc., an online business-to-business platform that allows network members to rent or lease equipment as needed. The awards were presented at the Tech Awards Gala, Nov. 19, at the Sheraton Imperial in Durham.

The awards are given annually by the Raleigh-based N.C. Technology Association, a group of more than 650 businesses in the tech sector, representing more than 200,000 workers in North Carolina. All nominees must make a substantial impact through the use of technology and must have a substantial presence within North Carolina.

“Since tech in North Carolina is typically associated with Research Triangle Park, it was particularly rewarding to represent Wilmington and our growing tech scene,” said Robin Salter, KWIPPED’s chief marketing officer.

Founded in late 2014, KWIPPED is an online marketplace offering rental, leasing and lease-to-own options through a network of equipment suppliers. The range of equipment options includes light and heavy construction, medical, metrology, restaurant and surveying equipments, trailers and hauling options, air conditioners, heaters and mobile offices.

In a 2015 interview with the StarNews, Preville likened KWIPPED to an equipment version of Travelocity or Airbnb. “The world is better off,” Preville said, “when doctors, scientists and engineers are doing what they do best, instead of wasting time trying to track down equipment solutions.”

The company has served such customers as Apple, Coca-Cola and Sherwin-Williams, Phillips Lighting and the U.S. Navy. KWIPPED represents nearly 1,000 equipment suppliers.

At its facility at 228 N. Front St. in Wilmington, KWIPPED employs nine workers and three interns.

“We are experiencing rapid and consistent growth and anticipate hiring several new employees in the near future,” Salter said.

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