August 29, 2017 | johannes

In an effort to better serve our customers, CMIF has switched to an online Lab Management system for equipment reservations, training requests, and billing. This replaces our “faces” reservation system. Through the new system, users can request training, schedule all CMIF equipment, and faculty can monitor usage and spending on their projects. All reservations for use of CMIF equipment after August 31, 2017 must be made through the Lab Management portal. Click on “Unity ID login” if you have a unity ID and password. External users need to fill out the signup request information, including billing contact information, in order to open an account.

The NC State University Lab Management system is a collaborative effort between the Office of Research, Innovation and Economic Development (ORIED), Office of Information Technology (OIT) and multiple University Core Facilities. See our user guide and  the Lab Management resource page for detailed instructions and more information about this project.

CMIF user policies and frequently asked questions are available on our Facility Policy page.

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