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First Module of the Research Enterprise Data System Now Live

The Animal Care and Use module is now live! The module was made available to campus today, May 1 — but users of the Animal Care and Use module have until May 22 before they have to make the permanent switch to the new system.

Visit to check out the Research Enterprise Data (RED) system.

The system is also accessible via:


Visit the Training page to access content on demand, including a comprehensive user manual, quick reference guides, and links to register for eLearnings and in-person training sessions.

Who to Contact

Thank You

We’re extremely excited to be able to bring this first module to the campus community and so proud of all the hard work put in by all who contributed. We look forward to longterm benefits this module will bring to our university by significantly reducing administrative burden — while increasing compliance efficacy — and streamlining the all-important teaching and research performed here.

And this is just the beginning. The broader potential benefits to campus — and the reasons we embarked on this project — will be realized soon, as the modules we implement begin to touch other parts of campus.

But it also means we’ll need more help from more people on campus, so many of you will be contacted to become directly involved with the project in the coming months.

What’s Next

We are continuing a phased implementation of the remaining modules of the RED system. PINS and RADAR will remain active throughout implementation. We are currently working on the Conflict of Interest module and the Proposal Tracking and Award Tracking components of the Sponsored Programs module.

Also, keep in mind that the RED system will be highly configurable — which is one reason we chose it — in order to support future system enhancements throughout its lifetime. In other words, we’ll never be done working to improve the Animal Care and Use module, along with the rest of the RED system.

We plan to communicate soon about the progress being made on the Sponsored Programs and COI modules. So stay tuned to this blog and your email inbox for more updates!