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What’s Happening

Mar 22, 2022

Breaking Down Our New Timeline

We recently revised our implementation timeline. We now anticipate that our first Sponsored Programs modules will debut in the late fall — replacing the legacy system RADAR. In case you haven’t heard, we’ll be among the very first InfoEd clients to take advantage of its brand-new Post-Award Management (PAM) module. The implementation of the Proposal… 

Feb 16, 2022

Sponsored Programs Update: Why We’ve Chosen to Implement a Brand-New InfoEd Module

We’ll be one of the very first InfoEd clients to implement its brand-new sponsored programs module — Post-Award Management (PAM).  “We’re optimistic this is going to pay good dividends for NC State. We’ve had an opportunity with InfoEd to contribute to the development before it’s released to their other clients,” says Sherrie Settle, associate vice chancellor… 

A high-level timeline for the ERA Project

Mar 9, 2021

Spring’21 Update: Revised High-Level Project Timeline and More

Since the implementation phase began, in spring 2018, we’ve learned a lot. We’ve successfully implemented two compliance modules — Animal Care and Use and COI/NOI — and we’re well on the way to building our first two sponsored programs modules, Proposal Tracking and Award Tracking. But it’s going to take us longer than first anticipated… 

Feb 4, 2021

Welcome to Our New Website

The ERA Project website not only got a makeover but is now open to the public, save for certain sensitive info that you’ll still need a Unity ID to access. We’ve also updated some pages to better reflect where we are now — nearly three years into the implementation phase. Those affiliated with NC State can… 

Aug 31, 2020

Bulletin Article: Conflict of Interest Reporting Process Upgraded

By David Hunt 

May 20, 2020

Conflict of Interest and Notice of Intent (COI/NOI) Module Now Live

The COI/NOI module launched for a limited audience on May 12. The COI/NOI module replaces the separate legacy COI and NOI online systems, with both forms now being housed in the Research Enterprise Data (RED) system. Now that the COI/NOI module is live, the legacy systems have been deprecated to prevent new-data entry. They will… 

Sep 11, 2019

Why We’re Adjusting the COI Module Implementation Timeline

The Conflict of Interest (COI) module team remains hard at work on the next installment of RED that’s slated for implementation. As a reminder, the COI module will replace NC State’s existing online disclosure systems for COI and Notices of Intent (NOI) to participate in External Professional Activities for Pay. At this time, we anticipate launching… 

Aug 7, 2019

The RED System is Getting an Upgrade

UPDATE 08/12/19: The system upgrade has been successfully completed, and as of 5:00 p.m. Aug. 12, 2019, Animal Care and Use module users should now again be able to access RED. The Research Enterprise Data (RED) system is getting a slightly new look, as well as a number of enhancements. The RED system will be… 

Jun 20, 2019

Inside Implementation: Conflict of Interest Module

Since implementation began last August, the ERA Project’s main focus has been on the Animal Care and Use module — which went live May 22. But since we’re implementing the Research Enterprise Data (RED) system in phases, there are many moving parts and we’ve been working on multiple modules simultaneously. And because RED is an… 

Jun 17, 2019

InfoEd User Group Meeting 2019

From May 14 through May 16, InfoEd Global held its annual User Group Meeting (UGM), hosted by the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus. UGM is a unique opportunity to simultaneously be face to face with InfoEd employees and a variety of people from other institutions who use InfoEd’s software. The goal of bringing everyone…