Bermuda grass anther
Title for Image
Corepopsis disc floret
Fruit fly brain
Black swallowtail wing
heart cells
mouse heart
Heart cells
Virus infected heart cell
Arabidopsis root
Arabidopsis root
Arabidopsis embryo
Arabidospis flower
Strawberry stigma and norovirus
Zebrafish head
Zebrafish head
zebrafish blood vessels
zebrafish blood vessels

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CMIF operation during coronavirus pandemic

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About this Facility

The Cellular and Molecular Imaging Facility at North Carolina State University has two main locations: Room 4115 in Gardner Hall on the North Campus and room 2170 in Plant Sciences Building on the Centennial Campus. It was established by Dr. Nina Strömgren Allen in 1996. The facility contains a number of state-of-the-art light microscopes, including scanning and spinning disc confocal, fluorescence dissecting, laser microdissection, and fluorescence widefield systems.

CMIF’s mission is to provide access to advanced imaging equipment that enhances the research and teaching environment of NC State. Support and training is provided by experienced personnel.

CMIF primarily serves the NC State community and is also open to scientists from other universities and local industries.

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Zeiss Lightsheet Z1

Zeiss Lightsheet Z.1 Workstation


Olympus MVX10
Macro Zoom Microscope

Zeiss LSM710

Zeiss LSM 710
confocal workstation


fluorescence stereo

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Crowd at seminar
Crowd at Seminar