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Reduced CMIF operation during coronavirus pandemic

CMIF is operating with significant service reductions. For your safety and ours we need you to strictly adhere to the CDC and NC State safety rules as posted. We are currently in phase III of the Research Restart Process. Remember your 3W (wear a mask, wait -stay 6ft apart-, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer).

We are open for NC State students, staff and faculty who received clearance to work on their research project. If this applies to you, please contact us to regain access to the lab management schedule (if you received training before the shut-down). In person (face to face) training is currently suspended and we do remote training for some of the simpler to use instruments if feasible. Because of occupancy restrictions we will perform the imaging for you as a service if possible. Standard operator fees for internal and external customers will apply. If interested, please contact us to discuss details and arrange sample drop off.

Things to remember:

Gardner Hall is card access only. If you are an internal, trained customer we can get your card activated. Otherwise please arrange with us a day/time to drop off your samples or enter the building.

Review and follow the specific safety rules for Gardner Hall.

Review and follow specific Covid-19 safety rules for CMIF  and room occupancy.


Updated July 14th, 2020