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Why We’re Adjusting the COI Module Implementation Timeline

The Conflict of Interest (COI) module team remains hard at work on the next installment of RED that’s slated for implementation. As a reminder, the COI module will replace NC State’s existing online disclosure systems for COI and Notices of Intent (NOI) to participate in External Professional Activities for Pay.

At this time, we anticipate launching the new COI module in early 2020. Campus should plan to continue using the existing online COI and NOI disclosure systems for the remainder of 2019

The COI Office sent an annual email reminder on Aug. 26 to all NC State employees who must complete a COI disclosure. The 2019-2020 annual COI disclosure deadline is Sept. 27, 2019. Visit this SPARCS page or contact for more information.

While we’d aimed to have the COI module in RED ready in time for this year’s disclosure cycle, changes needed to be made immediately to our COI disclosure process in order to address growing concerns about foreign influence in federally funded research

As a result, we decided it was best to update our existing COI disclosure system in order to ensure all researchers remain in compliance with sponsor and university requirements while being able to meet proposal submission deadlines. This also reduces the burden on the COI Office staff, who are already working double duty — their normal responsibilities plus the ERA Project — and now have a new facet of compliance to manage and explain.

Additionally, this change in course now affords us an opportunity to pilot the COI module to a limited audience. Throughout the ERA Project, as with any project, the management team is constantly faced with decisions that require balancing schedule, scope and cost. Our timeline will stay assertive — but we will always choose to build additional time into the schedule when it becomes necessary. First and foremost, we’ll aim to keep NC State’s core business process of research administration running as smoothly as possible. And we’ll always strive to deliver the best product possible — from go-live throughout the life of the RED system.

As we further refine our new go-live approach for the COI module, we’ll continue to provide you with the most up-to-date information possible.