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NC State COVID-19 Research Awards

NC State investigators who have received funding for research related to the COVID-19 pandemic are listed by lead college below. The Research Development Office (RDO) aims to continuously share award information and updates to ensure that the research community is aware of key initiatives in this important area.

Project title: A Collaborative Approach to Managing SARS-CoV-2 with the Food Industry; Filling Data Gaps and Impacting Behaviors

Project title: Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Plan

Project title: COVID-19 Rapid Response: Coronavirus Disease 2019, Price Transmission, and the Farm-Retail Price Spread in U.S. Beef and Pork

Project title: Evaluating Pork Market Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Project title: Farm to Families Protecting Our Health – De la finca a la familia protegiendo nuestra salud

Project title: EXCITE – Extension Collaborative on Immunization, Teaching & Engagement

Project title: Building Resilient Local Meat Supply Chains in the Face of COVID-19: Enhancing Processing Services, Farm Viability, and Market Capacity

Project title: COVID-19 Impacts on the NC Food System and Investment Opportunities to Build Resilience

Project title: Behavioral Research and Design to Help North Carolina Counties Fight COVID-19

  • Sponsor: University of North Carolina System Office
  • Investigator: Tsailu Liu

Project title: COVID-19 Reopening: Using Behavioral Science, Design and Evidence to Help Counties and Municipalities Navigate Reopening in North Carolina

Project title: Whose Home for Home School? Black “Essential Worker” Mothers and their Experiences with Distance Learning During COVID-19

  • Sponsor: Spencer Foundation/University of California
  • Investigator: Jessica DeCuir-Gunby

Project title: Virtual Professional Learning Program

  • Sponsor:
  • Investigator: Dave Frye

Project title: Learning COVID-19 with Data Visualizations

  • Sponsor: NC State Faculty Research and Professional Development (FRPD) Program
  • Investigator: Shiyan Jiang

Project title: NC Digital Learning Initiative: Combined FI

Project title: Collaborative Research RAPID: Matriculation and Well-Being Under Emergent Events (MWEE): Using Data to Empower Campus Communities in Times of Crisis

Project title: Evaluation of Fibrin-Modulating Nanogels for Treatment of DIC in COVID-19

Project title: Integrated Systems Model to Inform State and Local Level Planning for the COVID-19 Pandemic

Project title: RAPID: Defect-Chemistry Design of Titanium Dioxide for Enhanced Virucidal Photodynamic Properties

Project title: RAPID: Documenting Hospital Surge Operations in Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Project title: RAPID: Monitoring for Sars-CoV-2 in Municipal Wastewater and Sewage to Elucidate Infection Dynamics Across Major Metropolitan Areas of the United States

Project title: Support for CDC National Wastewater Surveillance System (NWSS)

Project title: Targeted Treatment of Thrombotic Occlusions using a Dual-Delivery Microgel Therapeutic

Project title: Saliva Sensor for Potential, At-Home Monitoring of COVID-19 Patients and Inflammation, ASSIST Core Research

  • Sponsor: NC State Advanced Self Powered Systems of Sensors and Technologies (ASSIST) Center
  • Investigator: Amay Bandodkar

Project title: RAPID: Collection and Archiving of Vital Data on COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

Project title: A Breathable Polymer Film for Use in Virus Transmission Reduction Platforms in Non-hospital Settings

Project title: RAPID: Supply Chain Portal to Serve Entrepreneurs Producing Critical Items in Response to COVID-19

Project title: Optimizing Vaccination Incentives to Prevent Disease Outbreak

  • Sponsor: NSF/University of Washington
  • Investigator: Yunan Liu

Project title: Collaborative Research: RAPID: Understanding and Facilitating Remote Triage and Rehabilitation During Pandemics via Visual Based Patient Physiologic Sensing

Project title: INSPIRE COVID-19 Immunity: Pulsed Electric Field Mediated Intradermal Vaccine Delivery

Project title: Combinatorial High-throughput Development And Screening Of Biocidal Materials For Response Against Pathogens Including Coronaviruses

Project title: Adolescent Well-Being and School Diversity: A Needs-Based Partnership Examining Virtual Learning and Interventions in Light of COVID-19 and Systemic Racism

Project title: RAPID: Effects of Responses to COVID-19 and Social Context on Food Insecurity

Lessons for the Recovery: Evaluating the Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Forest-based Rural Economy in the Southern United States

Project title: Genetics and Quantum Chemistry as Tools for Unknown Metabolite Identification

  • Sponsor: NIH/University System of Georgia
  • Investigator: Erin Baker

Project title: COVID-19 Supplement to NC State Center for Environmental and Health Effects of PFAS

Project title: Collaborative Research: Statistical Algorithms for Anomaly Detection and Patterns Recognition in Patient Care and Safety Event Reports

Project title: Juntos Program: Focused on Virtual Innovation During Covid

  • Sponsor: Triangle Community Foundation
  • Investigator: Diana Urieta

Project title: Small Business Development Centers CARES ACT (2020)

  • Sponsor: US Small Business Administration
  • Investigator: Scott Daugherty
  • Abstract: view here

Project title: Engaging Western North Carolina in Participatory Disease Surveillance: Innovating Disease Reporting, Monitoring, and Regional Response to COVID-19

  • Unit: NC Institute for Climate Studies (NCICS)
  • Sponsor: Buncombe County Health and Human Services
  • Investigator: Jennifer Runkle

Project title: Design & Validation of Reusable Particulate Respirators with Filter Inserts

Project title: Production of N95 and Surgical Masks at the Nonwovens Institute

Project title: Designing a Test Kit Supply Chain in Response to COVID19 (COVID19-1.03)

Project title: Predicting Hidden Vulnerabilities in Complex Supply Chains

Project title: Phase 1: CHAI – COVID-19 Project

Project title: Phase 2A: CHAI – COVID-19 Project

Project title: Stage 3: Developing a Newsletter for CHAI Personnel

Project title: Minimal Requirements for Safe and Effective Use of Cloth Masks