Foundation for Research Growth

NC State University’s Research Development office facilitates collaboration between faculty and interdisciplinary research experts, providing strategic and responsive support that enhances the university’s most valued research initiatives. By searching a centralized, easy-to-access portal, researchers quickly find internal and external funding opportunities. Once identified, potential funding translates to successful grants with the help of Research Development’s tools and training resources that support researchers as they plan, write and submit competitive proposals.


The Research Development Office facilitates the realization of strategic research objectives by enhancing collaborative research and laying the foundation for sustainable research growth. Multi-disciplinary projects corresponding to the University’s focused research initiatives are nurtured and supported; funding opportunities for faculty and researchers are made available in a centralized and easy-to-access portal; and support for large-scale projects is provided through strategy development, technical writing and budget creation.


Develop and implement initiatives that increase institutional competitiveness


Be strategic, catalytic, and responsive to faculty needs