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The PDU supports faculty in the preparation of large-scale, multidisciplinary proposals by providing the following services:

Working with the Proposal Development Unit (PDU)

Our role is to assist faculty investigators in the development of large-scale (i.e., greater than $1 million), multidisciplinary research proposals. To accomplish this, Proposal Developers provide customized service to the PIs which may include finalizing proposal strategies, writing non-technical sections of the proposal, editing text, preparing budgets and budget justifications, coordinating with collaborating institutions, and ensuring compliance with the RFP. In addition to providing proposal and budget experience, the PDU also collects and formats CVs, completes Current & Pending Support forms, gathers Conflict of Interest information, and summarizes institutional data for required tables.  By utilizing these services, investigators will have more time to concentrate on the development of high-quality research initiatives.

Because of the complex nature of these proposals, faculty members are encouraged to contact the PDU as early as possible to arrange an initial introduction and discuss how our team can be of assistance.

To request PDU support, please complete the “PDU Service Request” form.