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Faculty Research and Professional Development Program (FRPD)

FRPD is a funding partnership between the Office of Research and Innovation (ORI) and the 10 academic colleges. The primary objective of this program is to provide seed funding to individual investigators — to jumpstart larger awards and grants from outside agencies.


The only eligibility requirement set by ORI is that the recipient must hold a faculty position at NC State. However, your college may set additional eligibility requirements (see more below).


College Contacts and Due Dates

Each college sets its own due dates, which are updated as ORI receives them. If you have questions about your college’s eligibility requirements or due dates, please contact the individual listed below or your Associate Dean for Research.

CollegeDue DateContact Person
College of Agriculture and Life SciencesMay 24, 2023Christy Sandy
College of DesignMay 25, 2023Lenise Sellars
College of EducationMay 1, 2023Tish Attayek
College of EngineeringApril 19, 2023Tracy Brown
College of Humanities and Social SciencesMay 15, 2023Missy Thomas
College of Natural ResourcesMay 15, 2023Cherie Anderson
College of SciencesMay 15,
College of Veterinary MedicineMay 1, 2023Jeneal Leone
Poole College of ManagementMay 22, 2023Brian Thomas
Wilson College of TextilesMay 8, 2023Jennifer Clark