Welcome to the Genomic Sciences Laboratory (GSL) located on North Carolina State University’s main campus. We are here to provide sequencing and support services to NCSU faculty and their collaborators, as well as the broader scientific community. Our mission is to help and enable researchers in any step of the process, from project planning to DNA or RNA extraction and through sequencing.


News and Events:

Please welcome our new Director – Dr. Andy Baltzegar!

The GSL is excited to announce the placement of the Illumina NextSeq500. Please contact the GSL staff at GSLNCSU@gmail.com for more information.

Sample drop off is 9am-4pm. We have also begun offering a pick-up service for Single Tube Sequencing at Centennial Campus and the Vet School. Please contact us for more information about utilizing that service.

Also, please note that our HiSeq sequencing costs will be changing due to an increased cost of reagents. Please contact the gsl at GSLNCSU@gmail.com for more information.